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Cal Zeta

Our Home

Welcome to the Phi Delta Theta chapter of Cal State Northridge. Our chapter was established in April of 1967 and still stands strong to this day. We pride ourselves on being a welcoming fraternity and if you ever take the opportunity to stop by our chapter house, you will see why. Our chapter house was built in 1980 and it houses eight of the top leaders in our fraternity. 



Our Purpose

As members of Phi Delta Theta, our purpose is to guide every individual to become the greatest version of themselves. Our fraternity was built on three simple principles; friendship, sound learning, and moral rectitude. These three pillars have remained unchanged since the Fraternity was founded in 1848 and we still hold them true to this day. 

Three Cardinal Principles


Sound Learning

Moral Rectitude

Our Philanthropy

Lou Gehrig was one of the most outstanding baseball players of all time. He played on the New York Yankees from 1923 until 1939, when he got diagnosed with ALS. Over the years, he led the Yankees to six World Series and set the record for most consecutive games played. In 1941, he passed away from the disease. It is our mission to raise money to find a cure for Lou Gehrig disease, also known as ALS

17740 Halsted St.

Northridge, CA 91330

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